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Any website’s success depends on its keywords usage
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Any website’s success depends on its keywords usage. Without a search engine ranking nobody can think about good traffic on the site. And each search engine work on the basis of website’s text content and keywords. Without proper keywords usage your site can not get high ranking on the search engines. So to be a successful website developer you must select best keywords for your site. But the question is how to find out best keywords for a specific topic? I can say that you can find out best keywords for your site on any topic by using Keywords Explorer developed by Softnik Technologies. By using Keyword Explorer you can find out the keywords used by other website owners on their site. So you can select the best performing keywords from the list of others websites keywords list for your own site. It actually gives you four types of results one is In Title in which it lists the titles used by other website owners of the same topic you search. Whereas in the Phrase box it will list all the lines searched by or asked by users like on Yahoo Answers. And in the In Anchor and normal boxes it will list keywords used as Anchor or normal lines. It also gives you the options to copy all or selected searched result in the clipboard which you can paste anywhere.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Return Websites URLs and their full Titles
  • Options to copy all or selected search result
  • Option to copy only URL, Title or whole table
  • Option to search by country region


  • No option to directly print the report
  • Does not return Mata tags used by other site owners
  • Only few countries region option
  • No Global search option
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